Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center


HSIS Laboratory

The HSIS laboratory is located at FHWA's Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. It is staffed by two full-time analysts as well as several graduate research assistants. The laboratory provides a working environment where FHWA staff and visiting researchers can use a variety of analytical tools in the study of highway safety. These include:

Computers and Workstations to store, maintain, and analyze HSIS data. On-site staff and visiting researchers can access the HSIS files, extract pertinent data, and conduct analysis using the latest computer hardware and statistical analysis software.

Videodisc Photologs to access roadway images for selected HSIS States. The videodisc photologs allow onsite users to quickly access images for visual verification of existing data and for collection of supplemental data.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to manipulate and display HSIS data. The HSIS laboratory provides support for the development and testing of GIS-based safety applications.


Illustration of a Roadway

Participating States

In 1987, five States were chosen to be included in the HSIS: Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, and Utah. The primary criteria used in selecting the States...

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